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New Zealand Conservation Trust offers a number of educational opportunities based in Christchurch, New Zealand.

The programmes are designed to stimulate the interest of students in issues surrounding our indigenous flora and fauna, conservation work and a general overview of environmental and sustainable practices. 

Students enjoy a hands-on, interactive approach to learning that can be tailored to fit specific teaching approaches and different aspects of the school curriculum.

We offer an exciting unique behind-the-scenes Kiwi ‘Egg to Chick’ Tour.  Visit our incubation facility with one of our experienced kiwi education officers.  See staff working with the incubating eggs, meet newly hatched chicks and learn all about the Operation Nest Egg Programmes.  This is a spectacular opportunity for you and your students to get up close to our national icon in a way they may never be able to do so again.  Please note these tours are seasonal and generally operate from Sept/Oct to March/April.

The Travelling Tuatara will come to visit your students in the classroom –  Enjoy an informative exciting presentation about  New Zealand’s very own dinosaur!

For more information regarding educational opportunities please contact us.