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Travelling Tuatara Visit

A New Zealand Conservation Trust Education Officer will visit your classroom or community group with a young tuatara.

This programme aims to reach as many people as possible with the specific objective of raising their awareness of the conservation issues surrounding our native flora and fauna. We aim to give a close-up encounter with our very own ‘living dinosaur’ and to share ways the public can participate in helping with the survival of our endangered species.

Learn about two of New Zealand’s unique endemic creatures; the tuatara and the kiwi. Let us share the story of Kiwi conservation as it happens at the kiwi breeding facility, through photos and other visual aids such as eggs and a kiwi specimen skin – most children or adults never get the opportunity to touch a kiwi.

This hour-long talk covers issues such as why these creatures are endangered, habitats, predators and breeding programmes are discussed.

$4.00 per child

Please note this price only applies to schools/organisations within a 25 km radius of Willowbank Wildlife Reserve.  Mileage will be charged at the AA recommended rate for visits outside this area.

Bookings are essential for this program. Please contact us for more information.