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Craigieburn Forest Park

Craigieburn Forest Park is a beautiful area covered mountain beech forest and high country tussock land. Many native birds such as bellbird, brown creepers, kea and rifleman can be found in the park.

The Trust partnered with Canterbury Environmental Trust in 2006 to set up a network of traplines in the Craigieburn Forest Park and Castle Hill. The Trust supplied the project with 400 DOC200 double traps, most of which were placed along nine traplines in Craigieburn.

The newly formed Craigieburn Trapping Alliance, which includes NZCT and CET volunteers, check and clear the traplines monthly.

As of January 2020, over 1,300 predators have been caught in these traps, the majority of those being stoats. These traps are instrumental in protecting native wildlife from predators such as stoats, ferrets, weasels, rats and hedgehogs.