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Downloadable Resource Pack

This resource pack is available for visiting school or community groups.  Please download the sections which are relevant for your purposes.

For schools there is a safety code and a risk management matrix to assist with the planning of your visit.
Protocols for Groups of Children

Risk Assessment Management Tools
Risk Management forms and a Safety code for your visit to Willowbank Wildlife Reserve.

What animals do
A worksheet designed to get students thinking about the adaptive differences between animals.  For use in the classroom or at home.

The different teeth of animals
A resource designed to help the students think about why animals are different, using their teeth to show these differences.  A way to encourage the students to observe the animals at Willowbank and to read the intepretation signs for information. Looking at different ways of eating – herbivore, carnivore and omnivore.

What is a habitat and why are they different.
Make a habitat for lizards and skinks in your garden.

Animal habitats quiz
A matching exercise designed to get the students thinking about different habitats and where animals live.

Make your own bird feeder
A resource activity sheet for bird feeders.  Make them back at school for your playground or to take home and hang in your favourite tree.  A good exercise for encouraging students to record information from observation.

Kiwi quizz & word find
Test your knowledge about kiwi and have fun finding the words associated with kiwi breeding programmes.
Teacher worksheet

Matching resource
A resource to encourage developing an understanding of various names and terms specifically relating to the endangered Kiwi.

Word matching resource
A resource which teaches some of the names and terms relating to native animals and conservation.

Kiwi breeding matching resource
A matching exercise specifically for use in conjunction with our Behind-the-scenes Kiwi Creche tours.  Encourages recall and deeper thinking about the Kiwi breeding program your students have visited.

Is it true?
A resource for younger children to find out what they know about kiwi

What kiwi do
A resource for younger children to encourage them to understand the characteristics of kiwi

Tuatara quiz
Test your general knowledge about New Zealand’s living dinosaur.

Tuatara word find
Test your skills to find the words relating to New Zealand’s ancient reptile
Teacher worksheet

Predator facts
Learn about the impact predators have on native species.

Predator worksheet
Try and identify as many predators as you can

How many?
Younger children can use this worksheet to count and work out the difference between the number of lizards and grasshoppers.

How many? (worksheet 2)

Count the creatures
A simple counting exercise for young children

Willowbank Detective Game
Have some fun while walking around the Reserve. See how many questions you can answer.